Dear Harshvardhan,

Just watched a Youtube video, you being advocating for Index Fund and Term Life Insurance. It was impressive how you were uttering the success mantra for a large segment of common newbies investors. It shows your professionalism and that you care about people who were listening and following you. It can be a longer route to success but be assured, my friend, you will be at the top of the game one day!

With all that 'India Growth' story, many Indian Residents and NRIs (along with foreigners) have been increasingly getting attracting to the Indian Market and everyone want his/ her pie of success. However, effective and efficient handling of the complexity of the business of buying , holding and selling the 'piece of market' is not feasible for everyone. some are not good with numbers and others have no time to do all in-depth research. What made me appreciate your interview is the fact that you said all in few seconds what occurred to me after a long two years of extensive research: Buy Index Funds and Term Life Insurance. I think there can't be better advice for newbies and most of common investors.

I would highly recommend you write a regular blog, if you have one already, please send me a link, I would be your regular follower. Please keep the good work going. Would like to keep in touch with you.

Again wishing you and your team a great success!
Psychologist and Nurse Researcher
Calgary, Canada