About Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process of evolving strategies to complete the journey between your “Current Situation” and your “Future Aspirations”. It involves understanding your present financial position, estimating future financial goals, and managing financial affairs so you can build wealth and achieve financial security. The Key elements involved in financial planning are Investments, Tax, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Asset Allocation, and Retirement Planning.

Who should seek financial advice?

A lot of people feel that financial planning is only for the rich as people often assume that if one does not have a lot of money, there is no need to plan. Therefore, financial planning is not an important consideration for a large percentage of the population. However, all of us have aspirations, whether it be buying our first house, getting married, giving our children the best education, or retiring early. But if you do not plan, where will the money come to make these dreams come true. Therefore, Financial Planning is a necessity for everyone, and not just the rich.

Why Financial Planning?

Financial planning is an important tool to recognize what you need to do at what point in life in order to achieve your financial goals. Most importantly, financial planning is necessary to ensure that you are effective in building, using and protecting your wealth through the years.

Therefore, it requires constant monitoring and evaluation to recognize the need for any change to your financial plan.

How can a "FInancial Planner Help" ?

A good financial planner can help you archaic many of the following crucial tasks like :

Setting financial and personal goals and make them achievable.
Help you save money by thoroughly examining your income, assets, liabilities, insurance, taxes, investments and estate planning
Develop a broad and realistic plan to meet your financial goals by identifying financial weaknesses and focusing your energies on
your unique financial strengths.

The responsibility of a Financial Planner is to understand your present, future, growth and lifestyle requirements, develop a

suitable financial strategy for your needs, and then make modifications as per your needs. Roongta Group, as Certified Financial
Planners, are dedicated to help you make decisions that will make the most of your financial resources and help you achieve your